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Advantages of the LCL Method

Shipping goods from abroad using the LCL method offers several advantages, including the following:

No Need to Rent a Full Container

In this method, if you buy goods from a supplier who sells industrial machines, you don’t need to rent 1 full container to load your goods. So this method is very suitable for small or not too many shipments of goods.

More Economical Shipping Costs

Because one container can be rented by several people, shipping costs can be saved and can use a tariff with a cubication system. This applies especially to goods that are large but have a light weight.

The calculation formula used in the shipping world is length times width times height divided by 4000. For example, an object has a length of 50, a width of 50, a height of 50 and a weight of 10 kg. Then the calculation becomes 50 x 50 x 50: 4000. The result is 31 kg. So the item that has a weight of 10 kg is now calculated to have a weight of 31 kg


Advantages of the FCL Method

FCL or Full Container Load is a shipping method with containers but the goods loaded in the container are only for one country or can only come from one sender.

In this shipping method, freight forwarders will rent a full container for their shipping needs. If you use the FCL shipping method, more orders are sent to a country and use larger cartons. So delivery is not possible using winbox or many small cars because it can cost a lot of money.

Goods Will Not Be Mixed With Other Customer Orders

When ordering goods from abroad and sending them using the FCL method, the container will only contain the goods you ordered. Thus, your ordered goods will not be mixed with other customer’s goods so that the risk of mixed or damaged goods will be less.

Faster Shipping Process


When using FCL services, you don’t need to wait for the container to be full. So the shipping process will be more efficient and faster. Indeed, there are consequences that must be borne by this method, namely shipping costs are more expensive and do not use cubication costs.

The Right Time To Use The FCL Method. Maybe many don’t know about when it’s best to use the FCL shipping method. An example of applying the FCL method is when you have a large quantity of goods or products, of course you need a larger shipping service, it’s not enough to just rely on postal courier services or the like because it will make delivery costs more expensive. So the use of the FCL method for large-scale delivery of goods such as production machines can save operational costs.


In the FCL shipping method, shipping is equivalent to 20 Metrix Tons (MT) in a 20 FT container. This shipping method will bring containers to the warehouse for the process of loading goods or stuffing.

After the loading process is complete, the container will be sealed and brought to the port along with other containers. Shipping by this method is suitable for entrepreneurs such as contractors, factory owners, etc.

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